Steadfast Victorian

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A splendid Landau drawn by four white horses with two riders in State dress. Queen Victoria is stand..
Police prison van (Black Maria) being pulled by a pair of horses and driven by a constable. ..
Metropolitan police personnel consisting of a sergeant holding a bicycle and talking to a constable ..
SF132 Victorian Hearse
Castings of the Victorian Hearse. ..
Tradtional Victorian Hansom cab drawn by single horse and with driver holding horses head. ..
SF204 Fire Engine
Victorian chemical fire engine ..
A sleigh containing father raising his top hat. Seated alongside him is his son waving to a friend. ..
One lady skating one man skating raising his hat one boy skater fallen over and one man skating at s..
Man and woman skating arm in arm. Father pushing daughter both on skates. ..
One youth skating one youth throwing a snowball one snowman one youth sitting on a tree stump with l..
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