Steadfast Artillery

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SF131 Old Navy Gun and Team
Old round barrelled Navy gun and three ratings wearing straw hats and traditional uniform. ..
SF135 Bengorian 1 o'clock Gun
As seen (and heard!) every day at Edinburgh Castle - complete with Gunner checking the time. ..
SF147 Howitzer & Crew
SF207 Gun And Crew
Gun and crew ..
SF44 Black Watch Maxim Machine Gun detachment
Maxim gun on galloper carriage with Black Watch machine gun detachment, consisting of officer, 2 Hig..
SF47 Mountain Battery Screw Gun
Detailed small gun. ..
SF48 Screw Gun detachment
Detachment for Mountain Screw Gun ..
SF53 12 PDR Gun & Limber with RHA detachment
A 12 pdr 600cwt Mk I breech loading artillery piece as used by the Royal Horse Artillery with limber..
SF65 RHA Mounted Officer
One mounted officer with drawn sword at The Halt: one trumpeter with trumpet slung on his back - als..
SF70 1 PDR pom-pom Gun & Limber
SF72 15pdr KM IV Breech Loading Gun
(Note - picture shows SF72 (the gun) and SF74 (the detatchment) ..
SF74 Royal Artillery gun detachment
(Note - picture shows SF72 (the gun) and SF74 (the detatchment) ..
SF76 Royal Navy Long Barrelled 12pdr Gun
(Note - picture shows SF76 and SF77) ..
SF77 Royal Navy Gun Crew
Gun crew for Long Barrelled Gun (SF76) ..
SF86 Royal Artillery Detachment for Gatling Gun
Gun detachment consisting of one gunner firing Gatling one gunner carrying drum magazine one gunner ..
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