Steadfast Artillery

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Old Navy Gun and Team
Old round barrelled Navy gun and three ratings wearing straw hats and traditional uniform. ..
RHA Mounted Officer
One mounted officer with drawn sword at The Halt: one trumpeter with trumpet slung on his back - als..
Rocket Section Royal Marine Artillery 1814
This set consists of one Royal Marine Officer in normal red jacket with Marine cap and three Royal M..
Royal Artillery Detachment for Gatling Gun
Gun detachment consisting of one gunner firing Gatling one gunner carrying drum magazine one gunner ..
Royal Artillery gun detachment
(Note - picture shows SF72 (the gun) and SF74 (the detatchment) ..
Royal Artillery Mountain Battery
Detachment for 2.95in Mountain Gun ..
Royal Artillery Siege Mortar detachment
Two crew carrying projectile, one range finder and one officer. ..
Royal Engineers Elephant Mounted Gatling Gun Detachment
2 elephants carrying Gatling Gun and carriage, ridden by mahouts, with 4 escorting Engineers. ..
Royal Navy Gun Crew
Gun crew for Long Barrelled Gun (SF76) ..
Royal Navy Long Barrelled 12pdr Gun
(Note - picture shows SF76 and SF77)..
Screw Gun detachment
Detachment for Mountain Screw Gun ..
Siege Mortar
(illustrated with Detachment SF113)..
Thorneycroft lorry
Thorneycroft lorry, all metal vehicle. ..
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