Steadfast Artillery

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Dragoon Guards and Vickers m/c Gun
Dragoon Guard outrider and trooper with Vickers m/c Gun and Limber, drawn by two horses. ..
SF100 Egyptian Mountain Gun And Artillery Detachment
Egyptian artillery gun detachment consisting of 4 gunners, one holding a shell, one with ramrod, one..
SF101 Royal Artillery Mountain Battery Gun Crew
4 man gun crew for SF99 2.95in Mountain Gun. ..
SF103 Gatling Gun and Navy Crew
Gatling Gun and a 3 man Navy crew. ..
SF105 106 Egyptian Artillery
Krupp 12 pounder gun and crew. ..
SF105a Egyptian Artillery in white
Egyptian artillery in white uniform. ..
SF110 King's Troop RHA Gun Detachment
The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery 13 pdr cannon with the Royal Horse Artillery gun detachment. ..
SF112 Siege Mortar
(illustrated with Detachment SF113) ..
SF113 Royal Artillery Siege Mortar detachment
Two crew carrying projectile, one range finder and one officer. ..
SF116 Navy Crew and Gun
Navy crew and gun ..
SF119 King's Troop RHA Gun Team
The King's Troop RHA gun team at the salute consisting of 6 walking horses, 13 pdr cannon and limber..
SF124 Royal Engineers Elephant Mounted Gatling Gun Detachment
2 elephants carrying Gatling Gun and carriage, ridden by mahouts, with 4 escorting Engineers. ..
SF124a 6 inch Howitzer and crew
Complete with platform and restrainer and a crew of 4. ..
SF124b 6 Inch Howitzer and crew
6 Inch howitzer without the base with a crew of 4. ..
SF130 Rocket Section Royal Marine Artillery 1814
This set consists of one Royal Marine Officer in normal red jacket with Marine cap and three Royal M..
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