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67A Air Line Wagons & Crew
2 Air Line Wagons & Crew, Rear trailer with gear drive for cable drums: loose drums & ladder..
Ammunition Cart
Ammunition Cart and two privates of the Hampshire Regiment carrying ammunition box. Both with rifles..
Boer War Horse Drawn Ambulance
Two wheeled horse drawn ambulance with horse tethered to a post. Rolled up cover removes to show two..
GS Wagon with Black Watch Driver
Ivory Phaeton
Ivory Phaeton, with alternative Queen Victoria body. ..
Landau set General Aide and NCO Driver
A Canoe Landau containing a general and his Aide. The Landau is being drawn by one horse and driven ..
Office Wagon (c. 1905)
Used by most regiments as a mobile office both on campaigns and at home. ..
Rolls Royce Armoured Car
Rolls Royce Armoured Car. 100% metal. ..
Royal Engineers' Air Line Wagon
Consists of a long 4 wheeled double deck wagon drawn by a 4 horse team with 2 drivers. The upper dec..
Set of figures for SF 84
Sapper handing out message to NCO standing outside also campaign table and three chairs with two Roy..
Thorneycroft Ambulance
Thorneycroft ambulance, all white metal vehicle. Collect the stretcher party and nurses SF20/21. ..
US  Dodge Ambulance
All White metal vehicle. ..
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