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Coldstream Guard Officer
one piece ceremonial figure ..
Graduation Owl
Standing 150mm in height and cast in white metal this beautifully detailed owl in graduation gown an..
Grenadier Guard Officer
one piece ceremonila figure ..
Guardsman in Bronzed finish
Special Guardsman in Bronze finish, with extra deep base...
Irish Guard Officer
One piece ceremonial figure ..
Laurel & Hardy - Sons of the Desert!
If you want to create a desert scene with Dervishes or Fuzzy Wuzzies why not include this pair as su..
Magician and assistant floating in mid air..
Locking rings
Magician locking rings together..
Magician pulling rabbit from hat..
Royal Marine Drummers
Bass drummer two Tenor drummers and three Side drummers ..
RPWM01 Scots Guard
Ceremonial Scots Guard standing to attention, one piece casting. ..
Royal Marine ceremonial ..
RAF ceremonial ..
Parachute Regiment ..
Parachute Regiment Dress ..
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