Robin Hood Legend

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RHL001 Robin Hood
The great man himself with his bow at the ready and his quiver full of arrows ..
RHL002 Maid Marion
Maid Marion in typical medieval dress holding a piece of needlework. The sharp eyed will notice the ..
RHL003 Little John
Little John is depicted holding his staff. Standing at almost 7 feet in height he dwarfs his fellow ..
RHL004 Friar Tuck
The rather rotund Friar Tuck shown in his monk's habit at the ready to support Robin and his band of..
RHL005 Sheriff of Nottingham
The Sheriff of Nottingham is mounted on his black horse. Sword held high ready to challenge Robin an..
RHL006 Alan a Dale
Alan a Dale playing his lute. ..
RHL007 Will Scarlet
Will Scarlet in fighting mood ..
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